Soon we will be able to play again with old glories of the age PlayStation, all thanks to the mini console PlayStation Classic. In this machine we will have pre-installed twenty more or less famous software and all, of course, is emulated by a internal software.

What has been discovered, however, is that this software was not created by Sony, but it is simply the excellent open source emulator PCSX ReARMed, based on the PCSX Reloaded, freely downloadable from Let us know if you have any suggestions

To find out it would have been some insiders who have had the opportunity to try out PlayStation Classic: among the available licenses in fact they would have found the name of the famous amateur emulator, which does turn up a bit 'nose because behind all this we find a multimillion-dollar company like Sony.

What is most arousing moodiness among users is that many useful features of the original emulator have been deleted to make it as simple as possible: among these functions we also find those that improve the visual performance of games that, although still enjoyable, show their age.

At this point it is questionable why to spend more money when you can download the same emulator for free (with more features) and start their games legally purchased.