A little over a year after its release, Destiny 2 it has been made free for everyone, with the possibility to download it at no cost from the service Battle.net. To announce it were the same Bungie and Activision during the BlizzCon 2018: to do this it will be sufficient to have an active account (also created at the moment) and redeem the game no later than November 18 (obviously the game, once redeemed, will remain free forever).

What we will have available will be the basic version of Destiny 2, with the possibility to purchase all the DLC and additional packages separately. To take advantage of the offer you will not have to do anything else open Battle.net and access the gift tab near your nickname in the upper right corner.

Destiny 2

After redeeming the game, you should wait only a few minutes before the download starts. A gift definitely appreciated by everyone who was interested in Destiny 2 not so much to buy it at full price.