Murderous pursuits, indie with stealth and action dynamics developed by Blazing Griffin, it's free on Steam up to 18. You can download it quickly by clicking on this link. Of course, it is not the same size as Metro 2033, but it's free and with friends it can become a very entertaining pastime. If you want to know more, we leave you with the trailer and with a brief description of the game:

"Murderous pursuits it's a stealth-style game "Kill or be killed"Multiplayer that can include players from 1 to 8. Spy on your victims, called Prede coldly, and wait for the right moment to fall on them. But be careful not to end up under the clutches of the other players chasing you! "

  • Play alone or online up to a maximum of 8 players, with customizable games and smart bots
  • Go hunting in the 4 location of the sumptuous HMCS Britannic, the colonial craft par excellence. Mix yourself to the festivities in the finely decorated Music Hall, or hide in the antechambers of the engine room to attack your unsuspecting prey
  • Choose from eight different characters. Choose your favorite archetype and blend into the crowd to avoid being spotted
  • Master the five skills; only two of them can be chosen in every game, so choose carefully
  • Get favors to win, just killing will not be enough. Be discreet, use a high-value weapon, quickly hit and dance on the lifeless body of your prey to get maximum favor from Mr. X