In a strangely cryptic way, Nerf announced a collaboration with Fortnite, presumably for a line of weapons based on those of the game. The company has communicated it with a post on Instagram, simply showing the logos of Nerf and Fortnite with the caption "Who is ready to add a little gold to his load?"

Fortnite has several different weapons, some of them explosive, so it will be interesting to see which Nerf decides to recreate. It would also be nice enough if the partnership had effects within the game. In this way we could find ourselves using some of the famous Nerf weapons inside Fortnite.

Details about the partnership should arrive soon. Theoretically by Christmas we should already see the products arising from the partnership on the shelves.

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Who's ready to add some gold to their loadout?

A post condiviso da Nerf (@nerf) on: Ott 24, 2018 at 10: 00 PDT