There is room for a new console, or so it is to think of it Intellivision Entertainment, which officially announced the new in these hours Intellivision Friend. The name was chosen with the Italian meaning of "friend", to give a sense of multiplayer and play in the company.

The console will exit the October 10 2020 and will focus all on the economy and the graphics in two dimensions: although they are statements to be taken as a commercial, Intellivision Amico can count on a reproduction of the 2D "better than PlayStation 4 and Xbox One can do", without the possibility of reproducing the 3D.

This new console will have games with an ESRB rating 10 + (about our PEGI 7 +) or lower, with prices that will go from 2,99 to 7,99 dollars, while the cost of the machine will be around the 149 and 179 dollars.

Intellivision itself will produce many remakes of old titles both from its past but also from Atari and iMagic: these include Moon Control, Burgertime, Lode Runner, ToeJam and Earl, Spelunker and Pong. The permission to publish on Intellivision Friend will be very strict, with a policy that will only accept games with a high level of quality and with hypothetical votes that will go from the 7 to go up. Intellivision Friend will have wi-fi connectivity, support for HDMI, controller with gyroscope, accelerometer, vibration, microphone and half-inch touchscreen. You can also download an app on your smartphone to turn the device into a console controller.

Currently Intellivision Friend it is only expected in America, but it will most likely also come to Europe; more details on the console will be unveiled tomorrow.