The latest gameplay trailer for cyberpunk 2077 has, according to some, made to find some similarities between the title CD Projekt Red and the open world Rockstar GTA V. Open urban setting, bright color palette and plot centered on criminal life are some of the meeting points between these two sandboxes.

Miles Tost, level designer of CD Projekt, spoke about this comparison. Specifically, Tost answered some questions posed by GamingBolt in reference to chance to "fuck" inside Cyberpunk the same way you can do it in GTA.

Tost said: "Our game will offer a large number of secondary activities outside the main story. Any secondary quest you expect on the streets of Night City will be built with love and detail. Although it is an honor to be paired with GTA, with Cyberpunk 2077 we would like to give life to a different kind of story-driven experience. "

"That doesn't mean," Tost added finally, "which will prevent players from messing around."