Vulture was lucky interview Dan Houser, co-founder (together with his brother) e vice president of Rockstar Games. The argument could only be RDR 2, in particular its making of. Given the rarity of the event (the Houser brothers are rarely allowed interviews or moments in public) we recommend reading in full to fans of Red Dead Redemption. In the meantime, here is a list of the most interesting data revealed by Houser:

  • 65 hours the duration of the game
  • The final script of the main story is of 2.000 pages
  • If these 2.000s were added to the side quests, the stacked pages would exceed the 2.5 meters
  • It took 2.200 days of shooting and motion-capture, compared to the 5 used for GTA III
  • They have been hired 1.200 actors, of which 700 with dialogues
  • 300.000 are the animations present in the game
  • 500.000 the lines of dialogue
  • They were planned 2 love stories for Arthur: one was cut because considered "superfluous"
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                                                               Dan Houser

    RDR 2 really has everything necessary to maintain the level reached from the first chapter and, why not, overcome it. Will Arthur be more charismatic and John?