to Harry Potter it's a myth that probably will never die. After seven years in the Hogwarts school by the world's most famous wizard and the spin-off series Fantastic animals, even video games do not seem to want to abandon Rowling's creation.

In these hours, in fact, one has popped up on the web video leak that would show a new RPG dedicated to the magical world of Harry Potter: development, according to some rumors, would be entrusted to Rocksteady, while other voices want Avalanche Software at work on this project.

The quality of the video is certainly not the best, but already so you can glimpse a very respectable technical sector, especially in the destructibility of environments following the explosions of magic. The game would be set in Hogwarts and neighboring places and we would impersonate a fifth year wizard with extraordinary potential.

Always based on the rumors, we can choose from eight different types of magician, there will be many new characters and secrets to discover, a creative system for the composition of spells, the personalization of our protagonist and free exploration.

Obviously all this is a source of rumors and the video itself, although credible, could be a fake. Anyhow we will have to wait a lot longer for a possible title ready to be played.