Some time ago Andrzej Sapkowskicreator of The Witcher, said that he had been "stupid" to reject a percentage of the profits during the sale of the rights to books for CD Projekt Red videogames. He was content with an initial sum claiming that video games would not yield money and soon regretted this choice. Now it seems that the situation has even worsened.


CD Projekt ha just released a payment request on behalf of Andrzej Sapkowski there about 14,1 million euros, for further royalties. The company simply rejected this payment request.

CD Projekt stated the following:

The Board of Directors of CD Projekt announces that the 1 ° October 2018 Company has received an official payment request submitted by the plenipotentiaries of Andrzej Sapkowski.The notice indicates that Mr. Andrzej Sapkowski expects the payment of additional royalties in addition to those contractually agreed between him and the Company. In the opinion of the Company, the requests expressed are groundless as regards the merit and the amount agreed. The Company has legitimately and legally acquired the copyright on the work of Mr. Andrzej Sapkowski, to the extent that it is required for its use in the games developed by the Company. All liabilities due by the Company in association with it have been correctly downloaded.

In short, a further fact nothing for the now livid Sapkowski. Perhaps thinking that video games were nothing that was not the best.