Several times in the past we talked about Nintendo Switch e virtual reality, with some strings of code that refer to the technology on which is based some of the most famous viewers such as PlayStation VR and the latest Oculus Quest.

The Japanese console, however, is anything but a viewer and its resolution to 720p and power would not allow to have adequate performance to this technology, yet a Canadian company has achieved a support that makes Nintendo Switch just what it is not. More or less.

What you see a little above is theNS Glasses, a device in which you can fit the Nintendo console and play with an 3D effect reminding, very remotely, that offered by the true VR viewers. Thanks to gods color switching filters that blur the pixels giving the illusion of higher resolution, here is the NS Glasses allows you to play any game of the Switch library in "virtual reality".

Although the final result is not in any way comparable to what PlayStation VR or Oculus Quest offers, it is interesting that this viewer is compatible with all Nintendo Switch games, being something that operates outside the console. The price of only dollars 50 it makes the idea of ​​what is to be expected, but at the same time it can open the way to a fairly large audience if the effect, objective limits apart, should prove to be appreciable.