After the shock announcement of the 21 September 2018, in which Telltale Games claimed to have started to bankruptcy closing practices, the future of the series remained uncertain The Walking Dead, whose last videogame season is still underway. Initially Telltale Games had decided to abandon the development of The Walking Dead after the second episode of the final season, but it turned on a glimmer of hope for fans.

After the second episode Suffer the Children, which should go out tomorrow without a hitch, it navigates in unexplored waters: the few news concerning the following episodes indicated inexorably to a cancellation - with various users who asked for refunds for buying packages that also included episodes that may never see the light.
But yesterday afternoon (morning in the United States) Telltale Games announced on Twitter and the last word is not yet spoken, and that there are "different partners" who offered themselves and expressed interest in collaborations that allow the remaining two episodes to be completed and published "In some form". They also added that they hope to be able "soon" to answer the others, many questions regarding the matter.

Telltale Games

The second episode, Suffer the Children, it will be released tomorrow. Uncertainty reigns over the fate of others, hoping that Telltale will receive the help she needs to complete the story.