We have long known that with Kingdom Hearts III a part of the story begun in 2002 (exact, two thousand and two) will end: it has always been said that with this third chapter Xehanort e Sora they would have seen their departure, but apparently it will not be like that.

During a recent interview with the Tokyo Game Show, in fact, Tetsuya Nomura he explained that with Kingdom Hearts III the narrative arc of Xehanort will end, but not that of the protagonist Sora, that we will also see again in the next chapters of the saga.

Beyond that, the producer also revealed lage that some characters will have in the game:

  • Earth about 20 years
  • Aqua about 18 years
  • Ventus about 16 years
  • Young Xehanort between 18 and 20 years
  • Master Xehanort about 80 years

Now it is missing less and less at the exit of Kingdom Hearts III, who knows how he will be defeated Xehanort and like the saga of Square Enix will continue its own complicated story.