The diatribe between loot box e gambling it really seems to never end. Several times we talked about how many prize funds are considered dangerous because, like gambling, it could lead to a real dependence.

A recent study dell 'Australian Environment and Communications Reference Committee confirmed the thing, analyzing the behavior of 7.400 gamers, coming to the conclusion that the prize funds are based on psychologically common mechanisms to those of gambling, bringing the players to the gambling addiction.


These results confirm what scholars have been saying for some time, namely that the prize funds are psychologically similar to gambling: spending large amounts of money in the prize funds is associated with the expense problems associated with other forms of gambling.

In addition to this there would seem to be a real link between those who already have gambling problems and loot boxes: in fact the former would be more inclined to spend large sums of money in the prize funds, and conversely those who spend a lot of money in loot boxes would have more possibility of incurring in gambling addiction.

For this reason scholars propose to prohibit games with prize funds for children under eighteen, with explicit information on the covers of the presence of "gambling".