When it will be released, in November 2018, Fallout 76 will undoubtedly represent a big change for the franchise and for Bethesda. It will indeed be the first Fallout not to be a single player, but an online RPG; is it will not be available on Steam, remaining an exclusive of Bethesda.net. The dev are aware of the implications, and have kept us reassured to the fans, stating that the video game will be supported "forever".

To say it is Pete Hines, the second in command in the marketing department of Bethesda, in an interview with Metro. Faced with the question that inevitably accompanies all video games "live service ", ie how long the game will be supported, Hines replied that hundreds of thousands of players they keep on having fun Fallout 4 e Skyrim respectively four and seven years after their exit, and that Fallout 76 it will aim to do the same.

Hines also revealed that in the 2008 one of the main complaints of the players of Fallout 3 it concerned itself the presence of a conclusion: an end beyond which it could not continue. At the time, Bethesda remedied with DLC that removed the ending and allowed it to continue playing, but today's media allow for more sophisticated solutions.
That said, Hines leave the door open for further changes to the game, in case the feedback of the players should go in another direction.

La beta di Fallout 76 will provide players with the complete video game and include a save feature. Fallout 76 released the 14 November 2018 for PC, Xbox One and PS4.