This night we had a new Direct during which Nintendo has announced so much new games for its hybrid console, including Luigi's Mansion 3 and the arrival of many Final Fantasy chapters of the past. A short space has also been dedicated to the Nintendo Switch Online, the subscription that allows, among other things, to make a backup of the backups of your games (if supported).

Unfortunately, however, there is bad news. Through one note on the official website, Nintendo lets know that the saves will remain in the cloud for the duration of the subscription, but will be deleted if the latter is not renewed. On the other consoles, fortunately, it's not like that: with PlayStation Plus, the backups stay safe for about six months after the subscription is over, while on the Microsoft console the cloud saves are free and always guaranteed without subscribing to Xbox Live.

We do not know if even Nintendo's backup will actually offer at least a short period of guaranteed cloud even without a subscription or if the bailouts will be immediately deleted upon expiry; in any case it will be good to remember, before the maximum time, to always have the card associated with your Nintendo Account with adequate credit for the renewal of the Nintendo Switch Online.