Progetto Ustica is finally available, free, on Steam. A "serious game", these are the words of the developers, "who wants to keep alive the memory of one of the most tragic events in recent Italian history". The tragic event in question is obviously the massacre of Ustica, plane crash occurred on 27 June 1980 in circumstances still unclear. The older ones will surely remember it, the younger ones could ignore it and this title would surely do them by chance.
Progetto Ustica is certainly a title that we have always followed with interest: not only for Italian production (IV Productions and Game-S), but also for the subject matter. To confirm this, many will remember the video of Fraws on the PDV channel, where he tried it in advance for VR

Personally, as a lover of history and consequently of memory, I can not help but remark the moral and didactic importance of a work (of this we speak) as a Ustica Project. Other words would be vain, I would therefore like to conclude by quoting those of those who created the game, trying and hoping to fully intercept the content that would be transmitted. Thank you IV Productions, thank you Game-S.

"We have created Progetto Ustica with the support of the Parenti Association of Victims of the Ustica Massacre. They asked us not to use the faces and bodies of their loved ones. In the game you will find them as undefined people, but today we want to remember each one of them.

The crew: