A new update of Steam now offers users a way to filter the games they contain explicit sexual content. This filter ensures that users do not see a game with content prohibited to minors inside the store.

If a game with user-filtered content appears in the list, the image will appear blurry. Here's how much affirmed by Valve:

We've done our best to make sure you can safely ignore games in the store but still find them if you search directly through the search tool. If the game we think you're looking for is hidden due to adult content settings, we identify it and let you know it safely.

Valve used The Witcher 3 as an example of what means "safe way":

The games are ignored for reasons related to other content, as a developer or publisher, they will be displayed as follows:

Along with the new filter for adult content, a filter related to general mature content.

From today, Valve will also require developers of games with violent or sexual content to describe this content. Some titles are labeled as containing adult content but lacking nudity or excessive violence. A description of such mature content will help users when it comes to filtering out what they are looking for.