Gameinformer interviewed the design director of Treyarch, David Vonderhaar, placing 195 questions in quick succession regarding Black Ops 4.

One of the questions asked by the journalist of Gameinformer (per minute 6: 50 dell 'interview) was: "There is some chance that Black Ops 4 will arrive on Nintendo Switch? ". Vonderhaar's answer was a prolonged laugh, halfway between the sarcastic and the embarrassed.

Abstaining from commenting on the reaction, appropriate or not, it seems fairly obvious that the position of Treyarch regarding a possible porting of the new CoD on Switch has not changed compared to the statements of a few months ago.

The success on the new Nintendo console of other third party titles, such as Doom e Wolfenstein, does not seem to have convinced Activision.

We therefore wonder if the motivations for this choice are technical, image or commercial. Is Nintendo Switch a temporary fashion in the eyes of the publisher? Or is the car considered too "weak" to run BO4? Or, more simply, would the investment not justify potential gains, given the lack of trust in Switch's online infrastructure?