Introduce or not video games to Olympics? An argument that has often been discussed, with whom it is in agreement given the high competition in some titles and the more and more successful eSports, and who (including many athletes) does not consider this activity comparable with a sport that requires "physical training and fatigue".

Personal opinions aside, to return to the topic was Thomas Bach of International Olympic Committee (CIO), speaking of the difficulty of introducing violent video games at the Olympic Games, by their nature "in contradiction with the Olympic values, which therefore can not be accepted". The problem, in reality, would not be to exclude violent video games, but rather to i evaluation criteria that classify a video game as violent or not.

If we consider, for example, a game like league of legends (whose success during the Asian Games was incredible), we also have a kind of violence in this case, since you have to kill your enemies, but it is something very different than a Call of Duty o DOOM. The same could be true for i fighting: which ones could be allowed and which ones could not? Maybe something to Mortal Kombat it may be inadequate for an Olympics, but one Street Fighter o Super Smash Bros. they should not have problems.

Unfortunately the question is very delicate, but even Thomas Bach himself admitted that indeed the various sports, especially the oldest ones, they are based on traditions of struggle between peoples, but anyway "sport is the civil expression of competition. If there are video games in which you have to kill someone, this can not be aligned with the Olympic values".

We will never see videogames and eSports ai Olympic Games? And if so, what titles will be admitted? A big headache for the CIO that we hope will find a solution as soon as possible.