As Sega tends to do every time a new game comes out Yakuza in America, a survey was created in which various questions regarding the saga are included. This time, the survey seems to suggest that Sega has put on the table the possibility to publish in the West the spinoffs set in Yakuza's feudal Japan.

In the survey, which you can find at following link, fans are asked "How interested are you in buying various spin-off titles that never had a Western version?" Although this description may include various games, including the PSP, it is very likely that it refers to the titles of the Japanese feudal era.

More precisely, let's talk about the game released for Playstation 3 set during the samurai era. The first game, Kenzan, it was quite appreciated but never localized because the Yakuza series was difficult to sell and it was thought that the story of Kenzan would have been too confusing for the Americans.

Same thing can be said for the other spin off, Yakuza Ishin. With the Yakuza series revitalizing in the West with Kiwami and Kiwami 2, it seems Sega is reconsidering those decisions.