After much waiting, finally our curiosity is repaid: CD PROJECT RED he played a demo of Twitch live on Twitch Cyberpunk 2077.

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In the 45 minutes of play we have been able to observe everything the majesty of the title, which appears to be in good shape, although still in a fairly embryonic stage of development, as a reminder at the top of the screen reminds us. Our protagonist faces at the beginning a recovery mission of a girl, kidnapped by traffickers who try to appropriate the chips and the empowerment of the victims, and then is involved in a complex and intricate task, in which she has to choose which side to take sides . Secret services or shady figures? Sometimes the decision is not as easy as it may seem.

The map seems really extended, and the possibilities that the game offers seem endless. The customization of the character, possible both with equipment and modifying ourselves with bio-mechanical prostheses, is the master, along with the potential to make extremely relevant choices for the plot.

What do you think of the first impact with the title?