Dying Light 2 was one of the great new features of this Gamescom 2018. With an absolutely new gameplay, the guys from Techland showed us a preview of the main features of their new title. All this, of course, under complete embargo and with the inability to record videos or take pictures. We will endeavor to summarize all that we have been able to see in the best possible way. Let's begin.

Your choiches. Your path. This is the tag line of the game on the small brochure delivered to the press at the beginning of the presentation. Your choices, your path. A slogan that leaves little room for imagination. It is precisely on the possibility of using absolutely our free will that the guys of Techland have wanted to put strongly the accent. We will decide who, when, how and if to help. The power of our choices will definitively influence three distinct spheres: the narrative, the gameplay, the environment. The narrative for obvious reasons: choosing one faction rather than another will lead to different paths and stories. The gameplay can change based on what we have available: some choices can lead us to unlock special skills or "exclusive" weapons. The environment will also change as we pass: we will be able to decide whether to destroy or make this or that territory prosperous. Speaking of territories, the world at our disposal will be four times larger than the first chapter. To explore it, Techland has significantly improved the parkour experience: the skill moves have been doubled and "climbs" have been added which will require the prediction of a pattern to be executed without finishing the stamina. Technically the game has definitely improved, with a more realistic physics and a pleasantly enjoyable graphic.

Among the questions that were asked, the most interesting asked if the customization of an avatar was planned. The answer has tried, betraying itself, to stay on the generic but without saying no. Most likely, therefore, Dying Light 2 will allow the creation and personalization of one's own character.

The release date is currently unknown. Continue to follow us to follow closely the development of the title!