Godmaster, the last free DLC scheduled for Hollow Knight, is now available for download su PC, Mac, Linux and Nintendo Switch.

Formerly known under the name of Gods and Glory, the DLC has been renamed due to copyright issues.

Team Cherry described Godmaster as "the final chapter in the history of Knight and the richest package of additional contents". Thanks to this addition, it will be possible to meet new characters, undertake new missions, discover new secrets and face new and extremely demanding challenges.

Se Godmaster marks the end of free post-launch support of Hollow Knightwe know that Team Cherry is still willing to develop apaid expansion, featuring the character of Hornet.

To celebrate the launch of this free content pack the game is discounted on all the platforms on which it is available (Steam, GOG, Nintendo eShop, Humble Store).

Team Cherry has finally announced thearrival in the coming months of the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the title. These versions, along with that for Nintendo Switch, they will also be distributed in physical format in the spring of next year.