At the Square Enix booth was present Shadow of The Tomb Raider, climax of the new trilogy of the famous saga. The most beloved archaeologist of all time is ready to return, and this time it is more mature than ever, proven by the decisions she had to make and the consequences of her actions. At the show we had the opportunity to attend a new gameplay, taken from one of the final stages of the title, thus being able to appreciate all the improvements introduced in the saga.

For a start, the game is a real pleasure for the eyes: the jungle envelops us, luxuriant and disturbing. The foliage is extremely realistic, as well as lights and shadows, especially thanks to the new technology of NVIDIA RTX which allows an incredible attention to detail. Being able to move and camouflage among the trees is one of the focal elements of the game, and Lara can even cover herself with mud to go unnoticed. High definition and frame rate make it even more enjoyable and fluid, and in combat this really makes the difference.

The gameplay has undergone improvements to the height of the visual part: at the end of the game we have all the skills, including FOCUS to be able to better aim and PERCEPTION to visualize all the useful resources in our surroundings. Despite our capabilities have increased, the level of challenge is damn high. Enemies are smarter and more aggressive than ever before, and even the environmental obstacles are not far behind. In the new gameplay we must first tackle elite forces, much more difficult than the average, and then confront the eruption of a volcano, trying to avoid being overwhelmed by an avalanche of mud. This last section is particularly complex, as it requires not indifferent reflexes to jump and cling to the supports.

After witnessing the news, it was our turn to try them out with our hands, trying our hand at a puzzle section in a temple. Even in this case it was certainly not a walk: to understand how to solve the picture and continue was not easy, with palisades full of spikes and dancing flames. The complexity of the puzzles has increased on a par with that of the action sections.

The first impact with the new title is undoubtedly positive and leaves the idea that it is the most difficult Tomb Raider ever, thanks to the possibility to choose the actual level of challenge at the beginning of the game, thus allowing those who do not feels like risking to play easy.  We talked about this, and much more, with the Game Director and the producer of Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and in a few days you can read our interview.