A surprise Nintendo a few hours ago he published on his own channel YouTube and on the various social networks a video in which it shows several indie coming to Nintendo Switch in the next months. The Nindies Highlights shows many new games, some of which already have a release date: among these we find Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom (6 November) e The Gardens Between (20 September), but there are surprises.

Here is a list of all the titles announced, most playable during Gamescom:

  • Night Call, expected for the first months of 2019
  • Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, outgoing the 6 November 2018
  • The Gardens Between, outgoing the 20 September 2018
  • Streets of Rogue, out this winter and with some exclusive Nintendo content
  • Bad North switch, a strategic roguelik already available on eShop
  • moonlighter coming this fall
  • This War of Mine coming in November
  • Children of Morta expected in the early months of 2019
  • Evers Pace, a space adventure that will also include the Encounters expansion, coming in December
  • Baba is You, expected puzzle game for this fall
  • Slay the Spire, card game coming out in the 2019
  • Windjammers, the great classic that will arrive on Switch the 23 October
  • 2 Windjammers, sequel to the historic Windjammers, will arrive on PC and Switch in the 2019
  • Terraria, well known title that follows the footsteps of Minecraft, will arrive in the 2019
  • Prisoner Architect, a strategic one that will allow you to build your prison, already available on eShop, with Prisoner Architect Escape mode coming soon
  • Morphies Law, a shooter available tonight, 19.00 hours, on eShop

Announcements that will not be able to please all lovers of the indie game and owners of Nintendo Switch!