Al Palladium in Cologne, during its main event, NVIDIA confirms all the rumors of these days with the announcement that we all expected, officially presenting the new series of video cards. Goodbye GTX then, welcome RTX!

The new series is inaugurated with the new RTX 2070, 2080 and 2080Ti, the diamond tips of the series.

Following are the features unveiled at the event:

Geforce RTX 2080: 8 GB of RAM, GDDR6, Type-C input, support for 12 DirectX, SLI and G-sync HDR, 2944 Cuda Core.

The RTX will also boast the new Turing architecture, up to 25 times faster than Pascal in the Raytrace render.

The Geforce RTX 2080Ti will differ from 2080 for 4352 Cuda Core, 11GB of RAM and for more frequency, the card is not currently unavailable.

Finally we arrive at the juiciest information: prices. There 2070 it will be around 598€  2080 on €798 2080Ti on  € 1172. Le Founder's Edition will be bookable from tonight with expected delivery by mid-September.

For Italy, it will be possible to book them starting from 20: 00 at AK informatics

They will be available on the market from the September 20.

Continue to follow us, we will keep you updated on any news and events targati NVIDIA.