Sony aims a lot Spider-Man of Insomniac Games. We realize that the game is a 'exclusive PlayStation 4, from the fact that the quality and spectacularity of the game seem to be at very high levels, but the Japanese company was not enough.

How to demonstrate (and at the same time sponsor) the greatness of the new Spider-Man coming up the 7 September? Simply accomplishing a completely thematic train in Manhattan, New York, a city definitely not chosen by chance, on the line between Times Square and Grand Central Station.

As you can see from the video, we find ourselves with an exceptional marketing operation: the train has not been "upholstered" only outside, as done in the past with other titles like Final Fantasy XV, but also inside with sedili, posters it's a red that predominates everywhere.

Probably even those who have always hated Spider-Man, once dropped from that train, will go to book the expected Spider-Man of Activision for PlayStation 4.