After the rumor there was confirmation: Diablo III will arrive on Nintendo Switch with some additional content dedicated to The Legend of Zelda. The reunion between Nintendo e Blizzard after fifteen years he has therefore started to make fans dream, which at this point also hope for an arrival of Overwatch on the hybrid console.

The question of a possible arrival was mail to the same producer Pete Stilwell, that he left open some doors, despite not giving any certainty about the future:

Yes, it's a feasible thing. Anything has at least a minimum of possibility of realization. Our team has long ago received the task of working on Diablo III for Nintendo Switch, in the same way if the 4 Team [that deals with Overwatch ed] were to receive the order, it would take care of it.

At the moment, however, our goal is Diablo III on Switch but yes, Overwatch is feasible.

Different speech, however, for a possible arrival of StarCraft2: Stilwell has indeed stated that the complexity of the control system does not allow the game to arrive on the console. No official news, but the hopes that Overwatch one day he can even get on Nintendo Switch they are not so utopian.