Since he was still known as NX, Nintendo Switch he was at the center of different rumors that wanted it support virtual reality, which is supported by several patents. In fact, in the end, the hybrid console never had the support of VR, with Nintendo itself that repeatedly reiterated the non-interest, at least for the time being.

Yet a user, sifting through the OS, he found a secret menu that refers to virtual reality and that allows to start a "double-screen" session, with the image deformed and duplicated.

Beyond that, a message also appears that reads "Remove the console from the face and press the close button", Which would imply the use of the tablet as a VR viewer. Obviously there has never been an announcement from Nintendo, we can not absolutely believe this mode coming to Nintendo Switch, especially considered the power of the console.

One screen to 720p that could get to 60fps it would not be enough for a VR mode, since to get a satisfactory experience you should start from a screen 2K e 120fps.

In the future maybe we will have a sort of Nintendo Switch Pro more powerful that will also support virtual reality?