Usually we think of the censorship in video games when we talk about titles with erotic content, but in reality Germany has to deal with the censorship by well 26 years, when it was decided that in the games they could not be inserted symbols that recall Nazism.

Of games in which there are swastikas, soldiers really existed and the same Adolf Hitler we had, like Wolfenstein (both the original and the most recent chapters), Medal of Honor o Call of Duty, but in reality these titles in Germany were different than ours, with graphic changes that removed any reference to Nazism.

La news today, however, it is right a partial acceptance of these symbols, with the possibility therefore for the German players to no longer have the titles censored; obviously the complete prohibition has not been completely removed, which therefore remains in borderline cases.

It will therefore be possible to use references to Nazi Germany "if they are not used for propaganda and if they are used in the artistic or scientific realization to show the development of precise historical events and the understanding of current events".

A news certainly positive, but that will bring the USK to evaluate on a case-by-case basis the situations in which it will be possible to freely show swastikas and so on, without having to resort to censorship.