The developer of Surviving Mars, Haemimont Games, "Admitted he made a mistake" neglecting the tutorials. Since then, Dobrev and his team have consistently optimized their titles in tune with player feedback. Furthermore, two free updates have been announced for this purpose: Da Vinci and Sagan.

Da Vinci comes out today, and is otherwise known as Creative mode. Created to "reduce stress", within this mode buildings do not require maintenance, there is an initial budget of 100 trillion and the colonizers are immortal. Da Vinci is designed to guarantee players "greater creative freedom".

The downside will take place in September with the update Sagan and the introduction of hardcore mode:

The Sagan update is for the explorer who feels that surviving in the inhospitable desert of Mars is simply too easy, it will be released for all platforms in September. It will include 30 major challenges to overcome, this update will add a new level of difficulty for hardcore players

Both updates are free.