After the disappointment of Mass Effect Andromeda and the limbo in which the next one is Dragon Age, BioWare is kept busy with other in the past few months. Specifically, let's talk about Anthem - a game that certainly represents a novelty is preferably used for software house. The two franchise BioWare historians, however, continue to receive the affection and attention of the fans. Casey Hudson has therefore obliged us to state that the wishes of the fans they do not go unheard, and indeed that they are received "strong and clear".

It is undoubtedly a positive message, but it is not a guarantee that there is a return to these franchiseor that this return has the appearance that many would like. Dragon Age seems to have good chances: despite the long period spent in development hell the story is already ready to welcome a new chapter. The situation is different Mass Effect: Is Andromeda he had, in the intentions, to expand the franchise and emancipate him from the adventures of Shepard, in practice the experiment went wrong. The possibility that Mass Effect continues to exist only in official novels and comics is concrete, and Hudson could not comment on it - the decision ultimately rests with Electronics Arts.

While waiting for the fateful conversations that will decide the future of these two benevolins of the videogame world, BioWare will continue to work on Anthem and on new content for the MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic.