Chris Lee, Studio Head of 343 Industries, announced the collaboration between his studio and Skybox Labs for the development of Halo Infinite. These are his words: "343 Industries is happy to continue its collaboration with Skybox Labs during the development of Halo Infinite. Their team is doing a wonderful job in different areas of our project ".

The partnership in fact would not be the first, as Skybox had already helped in completing the Forge mode in Halo 5.

343 is a big videogame production studio, but the 100 employees of the team who worked on Project Spark can only simplify and streamline the workload needed for Halo Infinite.

The new chapter of the long-running Microsoft saga, announced at the recent E3, promises greater graphics care thanks to the SlipSpace Engine and will be a direct follow-up to Halo 5 with a focus on the adventures of Master Chief. We do not know much else, but certainly we can expect an experience at least similar to the recent episodes of the famous FPS. The date of publication latita but the game has been confirmed on Xbox One and PC.