As much as we can complain about how things do not always go as we wish, we must always consider ourselves lucky, given that in the world there is people who live in precarious situations. Fortunately there are many institutions that help these people, some of these working only thanks to the donations of willing people, The so-called No Profit Organizations.

Unfortunately, for one reason or another, not everyone can make donations, but thanks to an all-Italian idea started by the founder Nicolò Santinwe can join our daily passion to do good; all thanks to Ofree.

Ofree, currently in beta phase, in fact allows you to play some simple games and each session, achieved certain scores or goals, offers coins, just like we are used to free-to-play that storm our smartphones. In this case, however, the coins will not be used to make in-app purchases, but they will be destined for an ONP chosen by us which, through real money conversion, will receive our donations.

How Ofree works, and how do you do such a thing? Here is explained how it all happens through a video:

Simply stated, some companies pay to put their game on the platform, money that are converted into virtual coins. Players, accumulating these coins and donating them, allow again conversion into real money (intended for ONP) but at the same time giving visibility and making the company "gain" reputation.

In short, a simple idea that, however, allows everyone to earn something: fun players and the awareness of doing a good deed without spending a penny, companies visibility and "points" Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Ofree It is available in beta on the official site that you can reach clicking here; we hope for a great success for a world that is more fun and better!