It seems that Xbox One X must already feel old, since for some time now we are talking about Xbox Scarlett (codename), which should replace it as a true next gen console. Apparently, though, Scarlett will not be the only new console from Microsoft, given that the company would also be working on another completely based on cloud technology.

To report these information it's the reliable one Brad Sams, according to which this console would be called, without many surprises, "Scarlett Cloud"And it would be nothing but a much cheaper version of Scarlett.

Game Pass

In fact, if Scarlett would bet everything on a hardware of the highest level, resulting in a premium price, Scarlett Cloud would have a much lower hardware, but it would be able to fill the gap by exploiting the cloud, which would require an excellent connection from the player. Scarlett Cloud would also take advantage of a sort of subscription to play, which we can currently hypothesize to be the Game Pass that much is enjoyed by Microsoft console owners.

Obviously, as far as the source seems to be very reliable, we can not consider the official thing: the road taken by Microsoft but it could be the right one and, above all, in line with the increasingly pressing hypotheses of a cloud-based gaming future.