This is very, very strange news. In Japan, Nintendo Switch it's literally selling like bread. The same can be said with his games, so much so that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, had an attach rate of almost 1: 1. Thus, almost every Switch owner also owned a copy of Zelda. With time, things have changed and now it is Minecraft at the head of the list of best-selling games on the hybrid of the Kyoto house.

Minecraft is in fact the most downloaded game on Nintendo Switch in Japan during the first half of this year. Here is the list of the top five titles sold. Meanwhile, here is the list of retail titles:

5.Mario Tennis Ace

June 22 2018

4.Splatoon 2

July 21 2017

3. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

April 28 2017

2. Kirby Star Allies

March 16

1. Minecraft

June 21 2018

Below are the best-selling games in digital version:

5. Arcade Archives vs Super Mario Bros.

December 22 2017

4. Overcooked: Special Edition

October 12 2017

3. Stardew Valley

January 11 2018

2. Human Fall Flat

December 28 2017

1. Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition

12 Maggio 2017