343 Industries, developer of Halo has stated that they have no intention of entering a Battle Royale mode in their titles.

In these times, it is practically a miracle, given that soon we will have the Battle Royale mode also in Fifa o Super Marioif we continue this step (e Fortnite do not stop its growth).

That said the manager of the franchise, Frank O'Connor, said that although you are not working on this type of mode, it will be possible to do something similar (but without the 100 players) thanks to the Halo 5.

The series of Halo so it will not come on board the wagon of all those titles that have sold to the Battle Royale like Battlefield V o Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

Recall that the next title will be Halo Infinite, announced during the E3 2018, even if the release date is not exactly around the corner, but with the promise that it will be free to launch to the owners of theXbox Game Pass.