After four years of development, Resident Evil 4 HD, the update HD made by fans of Resident Evil 4, It is available for download. Although in the 2014 Capcom released its Remaster HD, this work did not satisfy the fans. Specifically, many of the game's textures have been left in the vanilla state.

The HD Project mod, available at following link, wants to be the revision that the version of Capcom was not, and its creators have done everything to make it better. The project leader, Albert, visited the places where Capcom originally bought the textures of the game (mainly Spain and Wales) to collect new images on which the materials of the highest resolution of the mod are based.

Project HD replaces practically all the textures in the three key areas of the game, namely the village, the castle and the island. It also makes small changes, such as adding lighting effects in real time to flashes and flaming arrows while removing the low-poly Ganado models in the cutscenes.

The creators admit that there are still some areas left to finish. Specifically, the enemies and the playable characters have not been updated, while the developers still want to add "refinements to weapons and objects".