The remakes, generally speaking, are not seen with good eye, but there are actually titles that fans would like immediately and among these were the first three unforgettable resident evil. If the first two were actually made by Capcom (with Resident Evil 2 officialized by not so long), yet a remake of it has never been mentioned Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.

In these days, however, the Japanese software house is making all lovers of this third chapter dream, given that on the occasion of the Friday 13 a few days ago (and notoriously associated with the theme of horror), Capcom has published an image of Nemesis with a phrase that gives hope:

Today is Friday 13 - We already have our tireless pursuer who does not seem to want to die.

A sentence that, of course, began to unleash the imagination and desires of those, in that "He just does not want to die"Sees a future Resident Evil 3 Remake. Is it really like that? Although it would be yet another remake, in this case we really hope so.