Remember PT, the teaser demo of what should have been the new Silent Hill and directed by Hideo Kojima e Guillermo del Toro? In the end we all know how it ended, but the fans of that game, if we can call it that, were so many and there are those who have continued to realize something that reminds them fully.

One of these fans, known as Qismar, he had actually done, by himself, something that looked a lot like PT: an excellent and developing work, but that unfortunately Konami noticed and stopped right away. As told by the same boy, in fact, one day he received a legal note of cease and desist con the explicit request to cancel the project.

Obviously Qismar had to interrupt all the work reluctantly, but fortunately this is however a story with a happy ending: In fact, Konami decided to hire him later for an internship at the Konami offices US, EU and Japan.

I'm sorry I can not see the continuation of the work on this copy, really well done, PT, but certainly this misadventure will have positively changed the future of Qismar.