20 years: so much it took to discover that within Animal Crossing to Gamecube one was hidden NES emulator fully functional.

If you are one of the lucky owners of the Cube of the Nintendo, you probably played the original chapter of Animal Crossing that at some point in the game gives you the chance to play some games for NES through the acquisition of some items in game.

What until now nobody knew is that that console in the game actually hid one NES emulator working at 100%.

In fact, the security expert James Chambers he discovered that this emulator could be used to play any NES ROM stored on the memory card of the Gamecube and not just those present within the game itself.

Obviously the product is not usable without a bit of tweaking but after a while 'work Chambers was able to load games like Mega Man, Pinbal and Battletoads.

If you are interested in understanding how to make this emulator work, we leave you in Chambers' article, unfortunately only in English .

An attempt to Virtual Console not successful? We'll never know!