For some time we have known about the arrival of the 5 Season in Fortnite, which will be available officially from tomorrow 12 July. At the moment we have no official information on what the latter will bring in the game, but there are several clues that make us suppose the arrival of different peoples from different eras.

After the space-time fracture that has become increasingly open and the consequent appearance of new objects as a wagon of the Far West e anchor (which could refer to pirates), now is the same account of the game that, via a post on Twitter, launches other rumors:

Here it is a Viking ax, or so it would seem, which could then indicate the introduction of this Northern people within Fortnite. Obviously we do not know if it will really be like that or even in what form we will see these "peoples": we will probably have change in the map, but also the possibility of buying new clothes inspired by Vikings, pirates and cowboys.

Tomorrow, finally, we'll know what the 5 Season of Fortnite has in store for all his fans.