Digital Extremes he offered a first glimpse of some of the great new features of his free-to-play space shooter Warframe including one massive new open-world area and fights between spaceships.

All of this was at Warframe's TennoCon, which was held in Ontario, Canada this weekend where you can see the entire Warframe panel just below.

The first update is called Fortuna, previst for the 2018, which takes place in a new open-world area - the second after Plains of Eidolon. Here, players are initially able to explore Fortuna itself, the underground home of the Solaris United. This essentially acts as a hub for the planet, where you are free to build new kits with connectable pieces, accept missions, stock up and more.

Once the players are properly prepared, a comfortable lift will take them up to the surface of Venus - now a vast snowy expanse, thanks to Solaris United's terraforming efforts. The new explorable area of ​​Warframe is called Orb Vallis, much larger than the Eidolon Plains and with various types of new enemies and activities.

Some time after the Fortuna update arrives, Digital Extremes will introduce another item called Codename: Railjack. With this expansion you will be able to completely customize the spacecraft and then launch it into battle with crews composed of up to four elements. You can also go to the boarding of the enemy spaceships.