Last weekend the launch of the rocket Fortnite it went slightly wrong, opening a giant crack in space and time in the sky above the game map. Since then, small fractures have begun to appear all over the world, slowly expanding and devouring key landmarks as they grow. And now one of those landmarks has been discovered in a desert in the real world.

Yesterday, the gigantic sign of Durrr Burger restaurant in Boschetto Bisunto was the latest victim of this rift, and soon the friendly hamburger with its dangling tongue was nowhere to be seen.

Until, in fact, the photographer Sela Shiloni he found it. In the real world. In the middle of the desert in Palmdale, California. Nearby was a police car and a sign saying, "This site is unstable, alert to possible effects."

And here's a video of the scene, after someone has accused Shiloni of having accomplished everything with PhotoShop.

Given the timing and the quality of the model, it seems almost certain that the sudden appearance in the real world of Durrr Burger is part of a complex marketing operation of Epic, which improves more and more the lore and the narration of the game.

From the moment the meteor struck the land of Fortnite at the beginning of the fourth season, the map is constantly changing, with government vehicles making their way around the island, filling the craters and safely collecting the crystals of gravity that fell from space. Part of that rehabilitation involved the dismantling of the gigantic meteor, which in turn freed the mysterious Visitor, apparently responsible for the recent sabotage of rockets and the resulting chaos of the fault.

The question, of course, is where you want to go. We await further developments in the matter.