Fallout 76, the new title of the saga, however, which will distance itself from what we were used to until now, is already making a lot of talk about itself just for some bad moods from the most avid fans of the series.

Probably these malcontents will not end but, on the contrary, will be fed by some statements made by the game director Todd Howard during the Gamelab in Barcelona: because of its multiplayer nature and different from what the development team used to do with the old chapters of the saga, most likely the game will not be perfect at launch and it will take some time before all the problems of "youth" are resolved:

We will work with our times, we have a certain rhythm in mind, let's see if it will work. We know what our priorities are. We are scared. We think of other developers who have always done multiplayer games online and have also had problems, so we are not so naive as to think that everything will be perfect from the beginning.

If everything will work perfectly since launch, and I do not think this will be the case, then we will be able to realize a lot of content, but we know what our priorities are.

Bethesda therefore he will make every effort to make it Fallout 76 the most enjoyable possible since the launch, but does not promise that there will be no problems. So much sincerity or is it getting your hands on?