Bloodborne 2 in recent times had disappeared from the radar, but it is not the first time we hear about him: some rumors in fact they wanted to announced all'E3 2018 (not happened), we also had alleged images leaked, and now Amazon Italia he even put it in his own list.

In fact it would be better to talk to the past, since after a few hours of error, now all references to the sequel to the exclusive PlayStation 4 have been deleted. Until a few hours ago, however, Bloodborne 2 was even bookable on the Italian portal of the eCommerce site: again exclusive Sony, the game had a placeholder date of 31 December 2018, with a price of 97,59 euro, which could also indicate a placeholder figure i maybe the price of a possible Collector Edition .

In any case, currently Bloodborne 2 has disappeared from Amazon Italy, but at this point the possibilities of the actual existence of the game are really high; skipped the E3 2018, maybe we'll see the game From Software at the next Tokyo Game Show or PlayStation Experience.