Google and gaming are not really two separate worlds, since on Android you can play thousands of titles (we keep quality aside) and in the past there was an attempted purchase of Twitch, but maybe in the future we will have something tied to a real console that could rival PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett.

Jason Schreier di Kotaku, which has collected the rumors of five different insiders, has indeed stated that in the next generation of consoles will also become the protagonist of the Mountain View company with its own machine, even if the information on this is practically nil.

The hardware is obviously unknown, even if Google would be mobilizing to take several studies under him, to be able to integrate native streaming into the console. According to these insiders, in fact, at the GDC 2018 a company representative would have had some meetings to talk to several prominent developers about this new streaming platform, which would see Yeti as his code name.

This console should allow, thanks to the cloud, to play heavy titles even on non-excellent hardware, all by integrating YouTube and its video recording / playback services.

We do not know if indeed Yeti will be a direct competitor (in terms of power) of PlayStation 5 e Xbox Scarlett, but certainly having a new protagonist in the console market will be very interesting.