Now the switch It has been punctured and it is possible to run emulators and pirated software on the home console Nintendo and among the many software that run, lately on the net it has begun to talk about SX OS. 

Given the "hard" work done by the Team Xecuter, creators of the program, SX OS is distributed for a fee, which is already very ironic, since the main use of this software is not to pay the games for Nintendo Switch.

But how can we prevent their program from being cracked and distributed online for free?

Simple, inserting a "brick code"That blocks the internal memory of the console with a completely random password (even if those who know the basics of computer science know that in reality the random functions are always based on something) if" discovers "someone who tries to pierce their code.

Result: Switch blocked, with no possibility to read or write files, practically a piece of plastic with some unusable circuits.

The problem that apparently this mode of "piracy protection on a pirated program" can be activated (in very rare cases) even during the normal use of the Nintendo Switch, as highlighted in the account Twitter researcher Mike Heskin which gave rise to a nice online debate on the subject.

The process is obviously reversible, but you have to have some experience to do it.

Summing up, even wanting "legally" to buy SX OS to pirate yours Nintendo Switch, you take the risk of finding it blocked, even without any attempt to crack it to pass it maybe to your friends. To you the choice!

Personally I am against this type of practice, since we all know very well that behind every piece of hardware and software there is the work of people who deserve to be paid for what they do (even if a small drop in prices would not hurt) .