Kingdom Hearts III has been waiting a long time, too many years, but finally it is reality and the January 29 2019 we will finally be able to play Sora, Pippo and Donald again and travel among the fantastic Disney worlds.

The news, at least those that we could see in the various videos, seem to be many and perhaps in the future we can also have DLC, but from the beginning the game director Tetsuya Nomura would make some available online functionality, although probably there is not enough space to insert them all.

Making such decisions, which might seem immediate, take away a lot of time from the developers: just think that, as Nomura himself admitted, the identification of the ideal color for the PlayStation 4 Pro Limited Edition dedicated to the game has required many attempts.

Square Enix

The months that separate us from the official exit of Kingdom Hearts III there are not many and inserting the last online feature may not be possible; maybe we'll see something in a future post launch, but what we hope is that a Square Enix do not think of a possible postponement of the game.