The works of Metro Exodus they are almost finished, but the news is that the title runs perfectly in Real 4K on Xbox One X, and this would be the demonstration that the Microsoft console is "a beast", According to Huw Beynon.

The head of the global brand management division at Koch Media, patter of the title of 4A Games outgoing the 22 February, has in fact declared that the fact that Xbox One X is able to run in 4K such a title is really incredible, even if he did not mention the frame rate:

We confirm that the game will run at real 4K, but at the moment we can not release precise data on the performances. It is still early in terms of development.

Half information therefore: Metro Exodus will then run in 4k on Xbox One X, but we do not know if to 30fs or 60fps, although the first hypothesis is the most probable.